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this month's INK
9 SEPTEMBER Round Rock Redemption:
Michelle Huneven's First
Novel, Reviewed
2 - 8 SEPTEMBER Hot Ink Summer Break

(The Active Channel
For Hot Ink NOW
Available SEPT. 15!!!
1 SEPTEMBER Word Wander Lust:
The Amy Archive

Compiles a Summer
Spent Road Reading
august 97 INK
28 AUGUST Wedding Words?
(Amy Halloran's
4th Road Letter)
22 AUGUST Beached, Between Books
(Amy Halloran's 3rd Road Letter)
19 AUGUST Hot Ink Desktop Component
BETA Available
17 AUGUST Hot Ink Active Channel
Front Page BETA
Now Available
15 AUGUST Beached, Between Books
(Amy Halloran's 2nd Road Letter)
14 AUGUST Yiddish Poets: Night of Murder
13 AUGUST Size Really Does Matter:
Pro & Con on Book Length
12 AUGUST Thomas Pynchon's Live Objects:
Characters as ActiveX
11 AUGUST Post-Burroughs
Bestseller Breakdown
9-10 AUGUST Call & Response: Readers Talk Back
about Seattle Media
8 AUGUST Wandering Reader: Across America by Books
(new weekly Travelogue)
7 AUGUST The Dream of an Artist's Language: Adrienne Rich Refuses National Medal of Art
"For the Record": Rich Poem
6 AUGUST Get Out the Book Vote!
(How Seattle Media Don't Cover Books)
5 AUGUST Patricia Cornwell's Unnatural Attraction
4 AUGUST William Burroughs Obituary: He's Not Dead!
2 AUGUST Be Afraid: Cyber Books List
1 AUGUST Bestseller Breakdown [Premiere!]
july 97 INK
31 JULY Kurt Vonnegut in a Timescape of His Own
30 JULY Absurd Divination: Ron Koertge
Two Poems: Bambi & Frankenstein
29 JULY Believing in Michael Dorris
hot ink goes daily
16 JULY Amy Halloran Interviews
Blanche McCrary Boyd
15 JULY Sucking Content: A Panel Discussion
(at the Pacific Northwest Writer's Conference)
14 JULY Fear & Writing: Loathing the Art
(at the Pacific Northwest Writer's Conference)
Seattle Film Festival Shorts
2 JULY Tim Leary Laughing
1 JULY Film Fest 'Delta' Shines

june 97 INK
25 JUNE Scott Cairns Interview
Cairn Poems
20 JUNE Oral Fixation: Reading Aloud
15 JUNE Killing Crazy Horse: Why I Hate South Dakota Lit.
10 JUNE Interminable Jest: Contemporary Writing's Last Hope?
5 JUNE Data Smog & Proust: Cookies & Madelines
1 JUNE Literary Wet Dreams


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