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hot ink publishes high quality literary commentary, dialogue, criticism, pop culture features, interviews, author profiles, and everything else bookish and well-written. Book news and reviews don't have to be dry or bland. If you disagree -- you'll find plenty of ammunition in our Daily Features Section and our Academic Research Site. Strike while the Ink is hot !

why Hot Ink? We needed it. Seattle is rapidly becoming the destination for West Coast writers; yet there's nothing here like the New York Review of Books. We aim to become the online Seattle equivalent. Writers in Seattle have found that we publish unsolicited reviews and commentary quickly, and (fairly) painlessly. We're still working on paying for reviews, so for now these are "publication only." If you would like to have your work featured on the hot ink, read our WRITER'S GUIDELINES.

Our online colophon (below) is followed by all the Technical Information about Hot Ink production.


publishers/editors are a committee of two:

  • Copy Editor: Arlene Kim, (also MSNBC Features Editor).
  • Design & HTML Production: Ned Hayes & John Schmidt.
  • Seattle Ink Editor: Nana Kuo, formerly of Corbis and Microsoft, produces our Seattle Calendar. New Events and Venue Listings should be sent Directly to Nana.
  • Contributing Writers Include: Amy Halloran, Robyn Taobene, Josef Kaye, Jessica Simpson, Ned Hayes, Jesse Walker, Wanda Gregory, Perdita Haven

  • We're ALWAYS open to more Editors and Writers and would love to read your Query Letter or Proposal.


Read our Writer's Guidelines and then submit essays either through postal mail @ 4506 Fremont Ave. N. / Suite A / Seattle WA 98103 OR through e-mail All responses to submitted pieces (including those sent by postal mail) are through e-mail. WE DO NOT RETURN MANUSCRIPTS, but we do respond to all submissions via e-mail or by phone (in the greater Seattle area) within 2 weeks.


We are hosted at Serv.Net, the most professional Internet Service Provider in the Northwest, with the best customer service on the West Coast. Put site on their service today, and you won't ever have access problems with their modems!

Serv.Net uses FreeBSD, and does not use other UNIX configurations, or Microsoft's NT, although they will virtually host an NT box for you.

Hot Ink site coding is done in HomeSite and TextPad; graphics are produced in Adobe Photoshop 4.0. Testing is done on the following browsers on a PC: Netscape 2.0, Netscape 3.0, Netscape Communicator (4.0), Internet Explorer 3.02, Internet Explorer 4.0, Preview Edition. And on a Mac, Hot Ink is tested with the following browsers: Netscape 3.0, and Internet Explorer 3.0.

The Hot Ink Site is optimized for Internet Explorer 4.0, and employs Microsoft's version of Dynamic HTML, Client-Side Scripting, and Microsoft's implementation of the CDF.

All content and graphics are designed to download at less than 30K per page. If you experience difficulties with downloads, viewing our site or our Channel Serving, please let our testers know. Thank you !


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