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  A Summer Novel!  
all through the summer
of 2000, Hot Ink
will be serializing
a wonderful new novel
by our staff writer,
Robyn Taobene. Read a chapter
a week, through 2000 !
(Coming soon!)
  want to read one of our most popular essays? Week after week, readers pick "An Elegy for Michael Dorris" from our archives. Now, this essay has been reprinted across the Net. Read it again here... and BELIEVE IN MICHAEL DORRIS all over again. Only the original in Hot Ink.

does SIZE MATTER? The perennial question is re-examined by our book critics. How long is too long a book? See the Pro & Con on David Foster Wallace and other favorite writers.

Reader Letters
Feedback on Halloran
road reviews

Road Trip Redux
the summer book
extravaganza still
lives on our pages! Read "Word Wanderlust" by Amy Halloran, before it goes away.
this publication is now a Prospero Publication, and is designed and engineered by Prospero staff.
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